The First Energy Start-up Workshop in Slovenia: From an (Energy) Idea to a Successful Company!

Last week, Montel Energetika.NET held the first “Launch Your Own (Energy) Start-up” workshop, hosting young entrepreneurial minds from different fields of study and interest at Srečna hiša (“Happy Hou...
Date: 26.02.2018, Category: Reports

E-World: The Energy Future Is Here and Now

“Experience the energy world of tomorrow! – The age of cheap carbon is over! – Energy revolution for cities! – Creative energy for your business! – Energising your future! – Intelligent energy, energy...
Date: 07.02.2018, Category: Reports

EUREM: We Need More Energy Experts and Energy Ambassadors

“Developing new decarbonisation strategies is essential to avoid the hazards and risks of climate change impacts. This makes the role of energy managers more important than ever before,” said Robert S...
Date: 06.12.2017, Category: Reports

Freiburg – a Model of Sustainable City Living

Freiburg, a city located in the southwestern part of Germany, regards itself as one of the birthplaces of the environmental movement. Freiburg‘s sustainability process began as far back as the 1970s w...
Date: 31.10.2017, Category: Reports

Good Practice: Recycling Construction Waste

At the moment 90% of the German construction material market is covered by primary raw materials, whilst only 10% is covered by recycled materials, said Frank Hubert, Head of Recycled Products at the ...
Date: 17.10.2017, Category: Reports

Slovenia Launches 45 MW Brežice HPP

Slovenia has officially launched the fourth hydropower plant (HPP) in a chain of five such facilities on the lower Sava river on Wednesday. The Brežice HPP is expected to produce an average of 161 GWh...
Date: 02.10.2017, Category: Reports

SDDE 2017: Tales about Efficient Use of Resources and Black Carbon Research

ʺThis is a story about a waste product as a resource which could be utilised in another process,ʺ said Lars Gullev from Danish district heating company VEKS, on Monday at the International Conference ...
Date: 24.03.2017, Category: Reports

SDDE: Local Communities Important for Greater Expansion of District Heating

Subsidies and various tax incentives are not enough to encourage greater use of existing district heating systems and the construction of new ones in the long run, said Hinko Šolinc, Director of Eco F...
Date: 21.03.2017, Category: Reports

E-World 2017: From Energy Start-ups to Renewable Fukushima

E-World, Europe's largest energy fair, brings together once a year most of the European energy industry. This year’s edition indicates that debates about the workings of the traditional energy industr...
Date: 07.02.2017, Category: Reports

When Jellyfish Replace Lights and Start-ups Fix Traffic Bottlenecks

What is the innovation potential – and potential of success – of young energy players? This could be seen over the past two days at TBB, a conference organised by Europe’s largest energy accelerator I...
Date: 28.11.2016, Category: Reports
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