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    Being the leading media covering energy issues in Slovenia, Energetika.NET ( is an amazing source of energy-related information. With over 19-years presence on the market, this energy portal has gained recognition among energy experts and managers who require precise, professional and timely information in their work.

    Montel Energetika.NET has been the regional representative of Montel, a platform for energy traders, since 2012, and has ownership ties to the Norwegian company Montel.

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Reviews from our subscribers

I look forward to the news on Tuesdays and Thursdays, many topics are described more precisely and in depth than in other, let us call them, mainstream media. Often information important for the economy and the households cannot be found in other media at all. I regularly use the thematic archives for work, in particular the ones concerning efficient use of energy and renewable energy sources. Moreover, the events they organize are especially interesting. The contents and messages of speakers are a constant source of quality information. In my opinion, the portal Energetika.NET with its professional, universal and popular approach significantly contributes to spreading of energy literacy, in the sense of promoting awareness, knowledge and the willingness to take action in the field of sustainable energy among numerous participants, companies and individuals.

Gorazd Marinček, President of the organization Slovenski E-forum

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