Alenka Žumbar

Alenka Žumbar

Alenka Žumbar

, Director & Editor in Chief (#EM#616d676d6f64287d7d64686a7e4d6b6175637576607c7d7636777f6f#EM#)

Alenka Žumbar Klopčič has a bachelors degree in Economy and masters degree in Business and she has also finished postgraduate studies at the Faculty of State and European Studies. She joined the editorial board of Energetika.NET as a journalist in mid 2004 and became editor-in-chief in mid 2007. In 2010, when Energetika.NET changed its status from a business unit to an independent company, Alenka took over as director. She is interested in the traditional energy sector as well as new energy technologies and the development of the regional SEE market. In May 2009, Alenka received an award for excellence in reporting on the energy sector; the award is granted by the Slovenian National CIGRÉ-CIRED Committee. In June 2013, she successfully completed the Investigative Reporting Certificate Program at the New England Center for Investigative Reporting at Boston University, and in May 2015, she completed WorldChicago's Tech Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Education Fellowship Program, which gave her an insight into Chicago's energy business. In autumn 2016 she completed HBX Disruptive Strategy, Harvard Business School's online course. Alenka has played an active role in the development of Energetika.NET from an online newspaper to a leading media and publishing company in the field of energy in Slovenia and South East Europe. Alenka enjoys travelling, recreation, and books. She is also an author and publisher ( In December 2013, she launched a line of ladies’ bags through which she finances young job-seekers, promoting their career development in the energy business ( She also started the Blue World for Youth organization, which offers direct assistance to young people in developing their career ( Her latest charity project was the launch of The Happy House, an initiative in her local community helping children from economically disadvantaged and foster families to improve their social position (

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