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Legal disclaimer

Legal notice

All rights reserved. This legal notice applies to the entire contents of this website (homepage and any subpages) under the domain name www.energetika.net (further on referred to as Website). Any information and contents found at this Website are right protected as intellectual property of the company Solvera Lynx d.d. or companies whose contents can be found at www.energetika.net.

Exclusion of Liability

All information and contents available at www.energetika.net are of informative nature. The company Solvera Lynx d.d. will endeavour to ensure the best possible operation of the Website but it excludes any liabilities or guarantees as to an uninterrupted use of the Website. All users hold the responsibility for viewing the Website. Neither Solvera Lynx d.d. nor any company that participated in the Website design, creation and making or continues to participate in the upgrade or in providing new information and contents will not be held liable for damages or losses of any kind arising out of or in connection with the access, use or inability to use information and contents published on the Website or for inaccuracy and flaws of the published materials. The company Solvera Lynx d.d. shall also not be held liable for any damages (including those due to viruses) that may infect the user's computer equipment, mobile phones or other property on account of the user's access to, browsing, or use of the Website. It shall also exclude all liability and responsibility for damages of any kind resulting from the use or inability to use the Website. 

Solvera Lynx d.d. will make great effort to provide accurate, timely and complete information on this Website but will not be held liable for users relying on the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the information in question.

Solvera Lynx d.d reserves the right to make changes to this Website whenever and without any prior notice and is not to be held liable for any consequences resulting from these changes.  

Restrictions on Information and Materials Use

Any information or materials displayed at the Website can be downloaded for the user’s personal domestic use whereby the user cannot make any changes to copyright marks or other legal disclaimers on intellectual property or any other rights. It is allowed to download and print the information and materials to view and read them for non-commercial purposes. Any other form of copying, distribution, republishing, changing information and materials published on this Website or sending it by mail or disclosing it in any other way without a prior written permission is forbidden. It is also prohibited to use any of the elements found on the Website for any other but exclusively personal, non-commercial, domestic use.   

Solvera Lynx d.d. is not responsible for the form and the contents of websites that are anyhow linked to this Website. If the user decides to access any of the third party websites from this Website, they do so entirely at their own risk and responsibility.

Solvera Lynx d.d. may revise this legal notice at any time by updating this posting. Since it is binding on the users, they should check this Website from time to time to see the current legal notice. Using this Website indicates that the user accepts and agrees with our terms.

The use of this website that does not comply with our terms of use is forbidden and the user that is non-compliant with the applicable rules in using this Website shall be held liable for any material damage and indemnification.

Protection of Personal Data

The company Solvera Lynx d.d. automatically collects data on the use of this Website, mostly the data on the pages most frequently visited, the number of daily visitors and the time spent by the latter on individual pages. The visit statistics is used by Solvera Lynx d.d. exclusively for its own purposes.

In order to register, the user needs to enter some personal information. These are never disclosed to any third party as either leased or sold information nor do we permit any third party to use it.

The cookies which we use enable the users to have the same settings each time they visit the Website and they are used for this purpose alone.

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