Violeta Bulc: Transport Requires a Mix of Alternative Fuels, Electricity and Gas

Date: 30.05.2016  Author: Ana Vučina Vršnak
Countries: Slovenia, Other countries  Topic: Transport, Energy policy
Photo: EK/Etienne Ansotte
Violeta Bulc, the European Commissioner for Transport and a member of the project group for Energy Union, says that progress towards the EU 2020 target of a 10% share of renewable energy in the transport sector is real but slower than one could have hoped. Rising traffic demand, congestion, security... more

Arias Cañete: Balkan Gas Hub Will Become Reality

Date: 27.05.2016  Author: Tanja Srnovršnik Volarič
Countries: Bulgaria  Topic: Natural gas, Energy policy
Bulgaria has the potential to be a key player in the European gas system, and the capacity to become a leader in the creation of the European Balkan gas hub due to its historical capacity and extremely well-developed gas transmission network, said the EU Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, M... more

How Has Social Media Changed Energy Crisis Communication?

Date: 30.05.2016  Author: Dimitri Schildmeijer
Countries: Slovenia, Other countries  Topic: Energy policy, Economy
Social media has been a game-changer and any company that does not recognise this will be outrun in a crisis. With social media, every citizen has the ability to broadcast images or video and comment on events. There were always witnesses to a crisis, but today these witnesses can make any event pub... more
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EC: Costs of Nuclear New Build Escalating; Operators: Support Mechanisms Needed

Date: 23.05.2016  Author: Tanja Srnovršnik Volarič
Countries: Slovenia, Romania, Other countries  Topic: Electricity, Energy policy, Economy
Photo: Energetika.NET archive
The European Commission estimated in the latest Nuclear Illustrative Programme (PINC) that the EU would need to spend between EUR 650 and 760 billion on nuclear fuel cycle (from uranium exploration to disposal of the materials used and generated during the cycle) between 2015 and 2050 to ensure that... more
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SEE: Household Power Prices Grow Most in Bulgaria and Fall Most in Albania

Date: 30.05.2016  Author: Tanja Srnovršnik Volarič
Countries: Other countries  Topic: Electricity
Photo: Energetika.NET archive
In the European Union (EU) household electricity prices rose by 2.4% on average between the second half of 2014 and the second half of 2015, reaching EUR 21.1 per 100 kWh. Since 2008, electricity prices in the EU have increased by 33%. Among EU member states, Bulgaria's households paid the lowest pr... more


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