Marjan Eberlinc, Plinovodi: The LNG Terminal on Krk Island Is Interesting, but Little Is Known about Its Possible Development

Date: 02.03.2015  Author: Ana Vučina Vršnak
Countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Other countries  Topic: Natural gas, Energy policy
Photo: Ana Vučina Vršnak
Plinovodi, a company Marjan Eberlinc has headed since its establishment in 2004, is preparing for a series of new missions. The company is exploring the investment potential in transport, they are considering connecting Slovenia’s gas transmission network internationally with Hungary, Croatia, the I... more

En.odmev 015: SEE Countries Are Going in the Right Direction, a Lot Remains to Be Done

Date: 05.03.2015  Author: Tanja Srnovršnik Volarič
Countries: Other countries  Topic: Electricity, Energy policy
Photo: Barbara Reya
Cooperation between the states in South East Europe (SEE) has increased, countries are harmonising their laws and making steps towards a single market. There are more cross-border interconnections, and proposals go towards removing the obstacles to electricity trading, Georgios Gkiaouris of the Euro... more

EU – Russia – Ukraine Gas Clash: Spring Round

Date: 03.03.2015  Author: Dr. Mihael G. Tomšič
Countries: Other countries  Topic: Natural gas, Energy policy
There is no end to reasons behind the gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine. After Russia’s display of aggression, the countries are fighting a hybrid war. The Minsk agreement (Minsk II from 12 February) is placing the strain of the conflict back on “civil” spores around the occupied territories of... more

Another Edition of Europe's Premier Energy Fair Foregrounds Smart Energy

Date: 13.02.2015  Author: Alenka Žumbar
Countries: Other countries  Topic: New technologies, Economy
Photo: E-World 2015
Smart meters, smart control, smart energy. This was all brought to the fore, as two years ago, when Energetika.NET first visited E-World, the biggest energy trade fair on the European continent. This year’s edition closed last night in Essen, Germany.... more
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Intraday Trading Volumes at BSP SouthPool Grew 52% in 2014

Date: 04.03.2015  Author: Tanja Srnovršnik Volarič
Countries: Slovenia  Topic: Electricity
Photo: iStockphoto
The total trading volume at the BSP SouthPool Regional Energy Exchange grew from 5,838,870.079 MWh in 2013 to 6,376,164.514 MWh in 2014, which represents 53.97% of the Slovenian market annual consumption (in 2013, 47.5%), BSP SouthPool said.... more


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