Duška Godina: A Visionary Outlook is Quite Appropriate for E-mobility

Date: 20.02.2017  Author: Alenka Žumbar
Countries: Slovenia  Topic: Electricity, RES and EE, Transport, Energy policy
Photo: Agencija za energijo
“It is possible that, for instance, peak power will increase faster than anticipated, which means that network expansion investments will have to be made earlier than predicted. In this case, the economics of smart grids investments will be at risk. It is also possible that peak power will not incre... more

AT, IT, SI and HR Gas Markets' Integration Could Bring 533m EUR/y in Welfare Gain

Date: 24.02.2017  Author: Tanja Srnovršnik Volarič
Countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Other countries  Topic: Natural gas, Energy policy
Photo: Roman Peklaj
A study assessing integration options for the Austrian gas market has shown that market integration towards the south of Austria would be very interesting, said Bernhard Painz, Head of the Gas Department at the Austrian energy regulator E-Control, last week at the CEE Gas Conference in Zagreb, Croat... more

When Nature Sends Its “Winter Package”

Date: 07.02.2017  Author: Franc Bogovič
Countries: Slovenia, Other countries  Topic: Energy policy
Photo: Pisarna evropskega poslanca
In late November last year, the EU Commission unveiled 4.700 pages of energy measures constituting its “winter package”. Few expected then that just weeks later, nature would send its own. We seem to have forgotten how very cold winters can be. For days in a row, up to an entire month. This past Jan... more
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En.grids 017: Controlled Charging of Electric Vehicles Will Prove Essential

Date: 16.02.2017  Author: Andreja Šalamun
Countries: Slovenia  Topic: Electricity, Transport, Energy policy, Economy
Photo: Roman Peklaj
Although the 1000 new electric vehicles, which will be on the Slovenian roads by the end of next year, do not yet count as a critical mass when it comes to the power network, we should start thinking about its capacity in this regard, Vladimir Mauko of Slovenia’s distribution system operator (DSO) S... more
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Public Consultation on Design of Long-Term Transmission Rights in SEE CCR

Date: 24.02.2017  Author: Tanja Srnovršnik Volarič
Countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Other countries  Topic: Electricity, Energy policy
Photo: © European Communities, 2009
The Greek, Bulgarian and Romanian electricity TSOs, IPTO, ESO and Transelectrica, have launched a public consultation on the TSOs proposal for the design of long-term transmission rights for the SEE capacity calculation region (SEE CCR) in accordance with the EU Regulation establishing a guideline o... more



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