Nenad Stefanović, AERS: Most of SEE Countries Will Probably Develop Their Own Power Exchanges

Date: 18.05.2015  Author: Tanja Srnovršnik Volarič
Countries: Serbia, Other countries  Topic: Electricity, Energy policy
Photo: personal archive
This year Serbia should establish a South East European Power Exchange (SEEPEX). The name of this exchange indicates the possibility that neighbouring countries, that is their energy systems, can join the exchange, as SEEPEX can provide services to organise their power markets. However, due to the p... more

Croatia’s HEP Signs EUR 11.74 Million Deal in Ljubljana

Date: 22.05.2015  Author: Tanja Srnovršnik Volarič
Countries: Croatia, Slovenia  Topic: Electricity
Photo: HEP
The Mayor of the City of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković, and Managing Director of HEP Trgovina-Ljubljana, Pavao Bujas, signed yesterday an agreement on power supply in Ljubljana worth EUR 11.74 million, the Croatian economy ministry said. “This agreement is particularly important to us as it signifies ou... more

European Trends Show No Future for Coal in South East Europe

Date: 19.05.2015  Author: Dragana Mileusnic
Countries: Other countries  Topic: Electricity, Coal, Energy policy, CO2 emissions
Photo: Alenka Žumbar
South East European (SEE) countries are all seeking to become EU members in the next decade. However, their energy policies, concentrated on coal and to a large extent indifferent to the benefits of renewable energy, do not yet reflect this goal. With the recent trends in the European energy sector,... more

A Visit to the Principal (Thermal) Power Plant in Balkan Region

Date: 19.05.2015  Author: Alenka Žumbar, Tanja S. Volarič
Countries: Serbia  Topic: Electricity, Coal, Heating
Photo: Alenka Žumbar
The Nikola Tesla Thermal Power Plant (TENT) justly bears the name of one of the most important inventors of all times (incidentally, one of the most prestigious modern electric cars goes by the same name): providing stability for the entire Serbian electric power system through its peak load generat... more
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Flow-Based Methodology for CWE Market Coupling Launched

Date: 21.05.2015  Author: Tanja Srnovršnik Volarič
Countries: Other countries  Topic: Electricity
Photo: iStockphoto
The transmission system operators (TSOs) and power exchanges in Central Western Europe (CWE) have successful launched the flow-based methodology in the CWE day-ahead market coupling process on 20 May. ʺWhile facilitating cross-borders electricity exchanges and integrating renewable energies into pow... more



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